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Why Choose UES

High Quality Solar at Low Prices

Our mission is to revolutionize the solar industry by providing premium solar panels at affordable prices. Our team of veteran solar specialists have seen how other solar companies have complicated the solar process, resulting in homeowners overpaying for solar. We’ve simplified our process, creating systems that are sold at their true cost.

happy couple consulting with solar installer
happy couple consulting with solar installer

Fast and Reliable Installation

Unlike the other guys, our solar experts make sure your project is constantly moving along. Each one of our solar representatives is trained to know the entire solar installation process inside and out, and know how to deal with any bumps in the road. You’ll have a team of solar experts behind you who will make sure that your project will always have our full attention, and will always be closer towards installation day.

happy couple consulting with solar installer

Solar Anywhere, Anytime

No matter what part of the country you’re in, we’ve got you covered. With three main offices located throughout the United States, and plans to expand our services to more states already in motion, we strive to make solar accessible for all.

installer sitting on roof in between solar panels

Save More and Earn More

We offer a variety of solar referral programs so you can not only save more on energy, but also earn more.

Neighbors conversing over fence

Neighbor Referral Program

Do you have neighbors who are curious about your new solar panel system? Let us know! With our referral program, you can earn rewards once they install.