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UES Solar & Marietta Men’s Basketball

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Marietta College x UES Solar Special Offer

  • $0 Out of pocket
  • NO Down payment
  • 40-60% Average savings when you go solar
  • Proceeds benefit Marietta College Men’s Basketball
  • Free admission for your son or daughter to basketball camp in 2024
  • 1 Free game ticket for 2023
  • Free Marietta College Pioneers Shirt

Why Choose UES

United Energy Services Solar provides both home and commercial projects as well as storage battery solutions. From start to finish, you’ll have a dedicated solar expert who will help you through the installation process. Instead of passing you off to an install company, we’ll be with you every step of the way, even after receiving your design. Each one of our solar representatives is trained to know the entire solar installation process inside and out. No matter what bumps in the road you may face, we’ll be here to overcome it. As long as you’re with UES Solar, you’ll have a team of solar experts behind you to make sure your project always has our full attention, and will always be moving towards installation day.

Free Solar Consultation

The first step in going solar is checking if you and your home qualify. We’ll go over your energy usage and do a quick overview of what to expect next. Schedule your free solar consultation and see if solar is right for you.

person working at desk while talking on the phone
home with white walls and gray roof with solar panels

Custom Home System

After we’ve collected enough information based on your energy usage and your home’s compatibility with solar, we’ll create a custom system design for you. Your custom system design will be tailored to produce as much energy as your family will need.

home with white walls and gray roof with solar panels

Storage Batteries

Storage batteries are a great way to add more value to your system. Excess energy that is created by your system is stored in your system’s storage battery. In areas where power outages are frequent due to weather, having a storage battery will protect your home from any neighborhood blackout.