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Project Timeline

The steps we’ll need to take to complete your project

Welcome to UES

Your first step has most likely already been completed. Your solar representative has gone over what you’ll need and what to prepare prepare to go solar. This step will also include an evaluation of your home and energy usage to create your custom system with your representative.

Design Approval

You will then receive a design for your approval. The design will be a mockup of how panels will be placed on your roof along with its energy production. Sometimes the design will reveal necessary changes in your system’s requirements – changes in the initial layout or system size. We will make sure to be completely transparent about any of these changes.

Permit Submission

After your design has been finalized and approved, your next step is to submit permits to your city that are required to begin installation. Keep in mind this step may take quite some time and is dependent on your city’s efficiency, so please be patient and know that your project is always moving along.

Permit Approval

Once we have your permits approved and in hand, we will then reach out to you to schedule your installation date. If a certain date does not work out for you, we’ll be happy to find a day and time that works best for you.

installer sitting on roof in between solar panels


Our installation team will come to the site and install your system’s mounting equipment and most importantly your panels. The installation process is fairly simple and easy, especially with a professional installation team. Just be prepared to hear some noises throughout the process.

Final Inspection

Before you can “turn on” your system, a representative from your local government will need to inspect the system and give approval. During this inspection, the representative will essentially be double-checking our work.

home with white walls and gray roof with solar panels

Turning on Your System

Another representative, this time from your utility company, will come by to do their own final evaluation of the solar panel system. As long as there are no glaring issues, they will give your system the green light to be turned on. You can expect to wait two weeks to a month for the town approval and utility approval to occur and interconnection to go live.

Other Questions or Concerns?

Please contact our project manager, Ashley Luna for further questions.